Mobile Services


Private Nursing

Private Duty

Licensed nurses provide services in your home, hotel or airbnb. We monitor vital signs, surgical sites, drains, urinary output, assist with ADL’s, provide medication reminders & assess for signs of infection & post op complications.

Minimum 4-Hours

Mobile Paradise

Post Op Care - Lymphatic Massages

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle technique used to drain excess fluid from the body. It is highly recommended for surgical patients especially after liposuction. This treatment reduces swelling & prevents fluid collection. Consistent MLD prevents the formation of scar tissue.

Snatched Package

Nurse + Massage + IV Drip

Receive 4 hours of professional nursing care provided by a Registered Nurse. Five (5) lymphatic massage sessions (60 mins) & one (1) Pure Hydration IV drip in the comfort of your home, hotel or airbnb.

$200 Deposit Required

Meal Prep

Miami Only

A healthy recovery starts from the food we choose to fuel our body. We’ll prepare & deliver fresh soups & nutritious meals so you can feel your best. We accommodate various diets (BBL to “feed the fat”, vegan, kosher, etc).