Post Op Care
Body Contouring &

Recovery Suites

We  provide treatments to reduce swelling, decrease pain & promote healing after surgery.

We offer non-invasive treatments to burn fat, reduce excess skin  & sculpt your body without any downtime.

Get the ultimate boost from the inside out with our signature IV drips! Heal faster & restore balance to your mind, body & soul.

Traveling to Miami for surgery? Book a hotel suite, hire a private nurse & order meals with our five star recovery service.

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Choose which surgery supplies you need in your recovery box. Shop quality products for a happy & healthy recovery.

what makes us different

Get Bodied! We offer non-invasive body contouring without any downtime, teeth whitening, PRP & more. Visit our New York studio today.

Liposuction, BBL, Tummy Tuck? We offer post op services such as IV hydration, lymphatic massages and faja alterations for patients recovering after surgery in New York or Miami.